ramblings of a whiny viewer

I am a self confession movie buff. Ok, I should rephrase it - I am a connoisseur of movies - for 1) I don’t watch any and everything that gets screened on screen 2) I don’t go to the extreme of risking my life to catch the fist day first show of a new release 3) I don’t have the posters or clippings of my favorite actor/actress on my walls.

Watching movies is one of my favorite past times, but I do make sure that on most of the occasions, I have atleast a vague idea about what I am getting into before really getting into the theatre.

I have somewhat of a high standard set on the quality of movies I like. The hind side of this is that most of the times I come of the theatre not completely happy or satisfied by what was offered. I tend to over analyze what is shown on the screen and as one would know, majority of the movies releasing in a year, irrespective of the language they are made in, are at best average to mediocre, with just a few really good ones to a lot of abysmal ones. I clearly remember, when at Cincinnati, of all the movies I saw at AMC (which is pretty much every other weekend), the movies which I was happy with are so less that I can actually recollect the names of each of them.

To contrast this, my colleague at work is the other extreme of mine. He, by his own admission, can watch any movie and invariably comes out of the theatre happy with what he saw. His justification is that I don’t go in with high expectations and once you know exactly what you are going to get, it’s not that bad. Hence he is happy with a movie like Last Airbender, whereas just the thought of watching that movie itself is sacrilegious for me.

How I wish I could think like him, for most of the times I feel my money was wasted, its time well spent for him. Blame it on my upbringing in Kerala, where the quality of Malayalam movies made in the 80s when I was growing up were extremely good. Even the so called movies made for the masses had some really good direction and/or screenplay associated with it. Unfortunately it’s no longer the case, with the quality of movies deteriorating alarmingly that I have almost given up watching Malayalam movies completely and been hooked to Hollywood movies.