cultural surprise

Its been exactly a month since I moved to Houston from Cincinnati. Ironically, Cincinnati for all its Indian population studying at the University, has a very small Indian community outside campus and hence just a handful of Indian stores and restaurants.
Its not that I wasn't aware of the large indian hub in Texas, especially Houston. But from one fine day morning on you start seeing Indians....people from my part of the world everywhere from grocery stores to malls, from buses to was indeed a pleasant sight. As I was telling my cousin, even after a month, I still tend to stare whenever i see one on the road. And not to mention the number of Indian groceries and eateries.......the street named hillcroft near to my place is nothing short of a street just cut out from Mumbai or Chennai or Delhi and directly pasted in US.
I always wanted to be in a place with los of people and desired to be with a good indian population (call it my inability to adapt to US culture or homesickness or whatever!)......even though I know that I am gonna see indians all around the place, i still find it amusing to see my own race around me in plenty.....its a new kind of cultural shock for me....... reverse cultural shock.....the one you get on seeing your own culture in a foreign land!