it happens only in India

Just when I thought I had seen the worst case of atrocity, here comes one.


nayi saal, nayi shuruwat

My last post of 2006 was the most oppressive and gruesome post I have ever made. Well, it was that kind of year when nothing went right for me (that includes the final blog post too). I did have few good memories in 2006,but they are far less in count, or, are out numbered by the not-so-fond memories. I have had instances were I have burst into tears! Anyways, on the positive side, I did some travelling in US (which I didnt do in the first 2 years of my stay here), drove car for the first time and......... ! . This is exactly what I am talking about....the good memories are too less and too trivial.
Have quite a few resolutions. Main one being bringing back my weight to where it was till last summer ( have put on almost 10lbs in 6 months!) and ofcourse the graduation...which is more of a desperation than a resolution!
Saw 4 movies on the 31st.wanted to get rid of the uncontrollable urge for movies in 2006 itself ;)
Hoping 2007 brings better luck and better times for me and all!