top 5 tamil movies

This posting has been overdue by a long time, almost an year to be pricise!! Neverthless better late than never!
This one also not necesserly in order of preference.

Director: Sundar.C
Cast: Kamal Hassan, Madhavan etc
Argubily one of the best movies to be released in the 21st century. Only a master like Kamal cud hv managed to make a movie like this. And it was pleasently surprising to see Madhavan given equal footage in the movie and more surprising to see him managing to hold his foothold even in the presence of the genuis. Kamal has often been accused of ghost directing his movies and this is one movie where it was visibly evident. the possiblilty of a mediocre director like Sundar.C directing this movie is as strong as uganda winning world cup cricket.

Director: Kamal Hassan
Cast: Kamal Hassan, Shahrukh Khan etc
Yet another master piece from the supremo. A imaginary story of a man who was all set to assasinate gandhiji until destiny had it say. A controversial movie for its anti-gandhian stand though i felt that it really glorified gandhiji and his beliefs. Unfortunate that people couldnt see it in that perspective. A truely international class movie which was ahead of its time.

Director: Mani Ratnam
Cast: Mohanlal,Prakash Raj,Aishwarya Rai etc
Another movie ahead of its time made by Mani Ratnam. The movie was based on the real life story of MGR and now CM Karunanidhi. This movie started Mohanlal in the role of MGR and Prakash Raj as Karunanidhi. Aishwarya Rai marked her debut with this one. It was really gutsy of Mani Ratnam to make such a senstive topic into a movie tat too at a time when DMK was the ruling party in TN. Both the leading men were excellent in their roles and it was rather surprising to me that only Prakash Raj managed to get the national award for best supporting actor. It also had heavenly music by ARR. "Narumugaye" is my alltime favorate song. Even today i listen to it atleast once a day.

Director: Santhana Bharathi
Cast: Kamal Hassan, Sukanya etc

The story of a father of 2 teenagers who was betrayed and lost everything in his life including his kids. Another senstive and powerful performance by Kamal was the highlight of the film. The scene were he confronts his daughter in sonakachi still hurts me. Not many movies have managed to emotionally haunt me, but this one tops the list. If i am to list the nightmerish experiences i dont want to have in my life, this would be one. All blame on Kamal for making me feel its soo real.

Director: R.Krishnan & S. Panju
Cast: Nagesh,K.R.Vijaya,Muthuraman etc
The story of a hotel waiter boy becoming a movie superstar. I suppose this was the first movie in which Nagesh acted as the hero. What makes this movie interesting is that the message of this one, even decades after its making, is still revelent. Dont you think u lose your simple life, your close ones once you go after the comforts of life? These are the kind of movies which i would call evergreen, were the revelence to the topic doesnt fade away even years after its making.

There are many more movies I would have liked to add , like Kannathil Muthamittal, Roja, Nayagan etc. If the readers have noticed a bias or excessive laudation from my part for Kamal and Mani Ratnam,then, I would like to add that its intentional. because I consider these two greats to be in a league of their own much above anyone else in tamil filmdom. On any given day, I would prefer watching the crapiest of Kamal or Mani Ratnam movie over any others best.Also,its quite sad that most of these movie bombed big time at the box office.Maybe, we audience havnet grown to that level of maturity to apretiate good movies.



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This is quite unfortunate.Shouldnt have happened anywhere.To be killed by own brother??? Unthinakle and unfathomable for me.This is not the first sibling murder i am hearing, but such a thing happening to a person in the upper stratum of the society......i cant digest it.Its just tarnished the value and trust of blood relationship (my patti would have said 'kalikaalam').Till i heard the news, i was optimistic that he would survive and i honesty wished too!I wish this world be a better place hereafter.
May his soul rest in peace!