the great escape

"You have any last wish?" asked the officer. Manish didn't hear the words, he was lost in his thoughts.Life has been nothing but a hell for him ever since he was thrusted into the world.His mother who went out with a different person every night; his life in the slums; his younger sister who was forced into 'taking over' from their mother;his wife who was gang raped infront of his eyes and the his massacre of all the 5 culprits.......all flashed infront of his eyes one more time. He grinned.. "this is the last time i will be reliving those dreaded moments",he told himself."I asked if u have any last wishes", repeated the officer."Hang me posthaste" answered him sounding confident as never before.His most awaited moment life had arrived and he didnt want to delay it further.Death was not a punishment;it was an escape for him......the great escape


the fallen name

The name had fallen on him - thief.He was never one. An innocuous act taking home an orfan lamb was good enough reason for the people to rechristian him."But once a thief,always a thief" went the village. Stories of great robberies by him flourished in the village.Blame for anything absconding, living or static, was always on him.One day his own sheep went missing."He would have taken it" dismissed the village.It didn't really matter who had stolen it......the name had fallen on him!


it makes me think....

I am a born frugal. Me spending on some luxury has as high probability as an indian winning an oscar.So, it came to my self surprise when i really bought a Motorola ROKR (with iTunes) spending a pretty solid amount from my pocket. Still donno hw i managed to convince and commit myself into purchasing one. may be i was too much confused wat to do after my mobile contract expired.Or may be i was lured by this step sister of iPod.I am resisting myself from singing praises about my new 'weapon of mass nuisance', but it looks gr8. Right now i am filling it with songs.Makes me the priorities of people (read "me") have changed over the time.May be sometime back (when i had no idea there was mp3 player cell phones) i wud have gladly settled for any normal phone which wud have served the purpose (making and receiving calls) as competent as any other with extra facilities or features. Wat is the necessity of a LCD display? or a camera or a voice recorder in a cell phone?Does it make my calls more clear or easy to connect or less expensive? I dont think so!This is a simple exemplification of human nature of never to be content with what one have.........always need more........a greed for materialistic pleasures. I dont think this is gonna change..........may be this is wat makes people what they are...........and i dont want to be an exception!

a bit of filmi gossip

latest buzz in town.........AB jr to soon get married to Ash!!!I thought it was one of those usual gossips that mashroom in the tensil town every now and then.......but this one seems to be really happening .not that i got any inside info that made me believe it now.....but the more I hear it from various sources, the more I tend to believe it.Ab jr and Ash??? cant take it......i mean......i say this not just becoz i hate Ash, but from the very beginning , i had this feeling that AB jr and Rani wud end up together. they are a really good pair together (if u dont see the diff. in their height as a hinderence).In a way its good.............. Rani is still free ;)


mother hilton???

hahahaha........quite an incomprehensible news.
given the director is a mallu and having seen many of his movies knowing how good he is,its quite baffling to me.
beloved us from the suffering of seeing paris portray u!!



hindu mythology is one of my areas of interest and expertise (preceeded by cricket and movies).
while expanding my knowledge in this field, i came across few trivias which i knew;but had forgotten. one of them is the 7 chiranjeevis (immortals) in purana.interesting names in the list, given that many of them were not on the 'good side'.
According to Hindu mythology, the Chiranjeevins (Sanskrit sing. ciranjiva)
Mahabali , a righteous demon king who conquered heaven, earth, and the underworld, but was forced to give it back by Vamana.
Parashurama,the sixth avatar of Vishnu.
Hanuman, a monkey demi-god who served Rama.
Vibhishana, a man made King of Lanka (now Sri Lanka) by Rama.
Vyasa, a sage who narrated the Mahabharata, he was also a sage in the epic.
Kripacharya, a teacher of the princes in the Mahabharata.
Ashwathama, a man "sentenced" (actually cursed) to immortality and eternal suffering without love from anybody for his role in the murder of the five sons of the Pandavas and his attempted murder of Arjuna's grandson.