fall quarter

Ok, lemme come directly to the point - I fell down twice within a span of 15 mins last saturday- once on my back and next chest on - got a cut in between my right eyebroes and the eyelashes.

Initially i thought of blogging extensively about it-how severe hunger prompeted me to go to chipotle when there was warning about inclement weather and slit ice formation; how i fell first while getting down stairs near TUC and then insanely still carried on my trip only to fall chest on near CCM; blaming my stupidity on unconquerable hunger and thus earning the sympathy of readers etc
Then i realised that i was just one of the many who has brought down to earth on that eventful day - even an UCPD who came to help me fell on the way- (though i was the winner of falling competition,if there was any,with 2 falls and a cut ;) .My hope of earning some sympathy is thus eliminated even without consideration.So I stop.Period.

About the title of the blog, doesn't 'fall quarter' makes sense now?



R: This looks good
Me: Thank you
R:will sent this to J now itself
Me: Is this fine enough? Or should I modify this?
R: No need, this is fine.
Me: *grins*
R:This is really good.Infact, much much superior than what he has done
Me: *exagerrated grin*
R: *sighs* -(looking on the computer screen)-I donno what he has done here.Anyways, forget about his, yours is correct and i am going to sent yours
Me: (with mouth full of smile).........Thank you so much

I just love appreciations, call it a narcissistic graving for compliments ! *wink*