one for the heck of it

nothing on top of my head to blog abt........buti wanted to write something.
may be i can catogorize this blog as "one for the heck of it"..........i have one topic to write abt-the movie i saw last day..........but back to back blogs abt movie will make my blog rather hackneyed(so refraining from tat).well......on second thought its not tat tough to write something without having much substance in it .well.......nothing new for me coz i have been doing tat in all the essays and assignments i have done in my Btech,and i can confidently say tat i am pretty good in beating around the bush without ever entering the bush of even going near it.(a gold medal for 2nd rank in the univ. is the testimony for my excellence in the above mentioned field). even as i type these words i am totally blank abt what my next sentence is gonna be.may be tats the beauty of writing abt nothing........may be i realized tat enough of thing is for sure........."there is something abt nothing"


i know what i did last week

last week i was at my laziest and jovial best.i gave up the hope of scoring good grades this quarter (with our boiling course totally and completely screwed up). didnt do anything productive last week...except play cricket!.........oh! yeah also managed to finish off the 'ethoquad experiment after 5 previous furtile attemps.ofcourse i had the help of sandeep.i realized tat too much honesty is not encouraged at masters level-result: i cud finish the work(not a matter of great joy,coz same stuff for another 2 surfactants coming up!)

also managed to see 3 movies in 2 days over the weekend-3 totally diff. films in diff languages: kazhcha(malayalam),mitr-my friend(tamil) and kaal(hindi).

kazhcha was a really good film......nice to see directors coming up with good films even now though sporadically..........fro the feed back i got from anand n others,i thought mamootty wud give AB a good compentition for the best actor national award.......but i was wrong.........AB surpassed mamooty by a long way with his once in a life time performance in BLACK!
mitr disappointed me.......i had great expectations from it given tat shobana won national award for it..........but it didnt appeal to me as much as i thought it wud!
kaal.......SRK,karan johar..big names involved..........but again it disappointed amateurish work from the new director.........i mean the screenplay was very childish and the climax was ridiculous!...........i found it similar to malayalam flick aparichitan (which again,wasnt a great affair)

again missed out from the cricket team for the second practice match........chandan promised to play me in the next has to srt out my shortcomngs on friday practice session........i cannot take any more belting in big match!


for the zillionth time

boy!..........the other day,for the zillionth time, i was said how come me from india speak such good english.......HUh!!!....comon,gimme a break!

Mr.USian : r u from india?
Me : yes
Mr.USian : how long have u been in US for?
Me : 8 months
Mr. USian: u speak good english!
Me : (Oh! pls not again) Thank You!

Oh! god! who the hell with let this @$$****$ know tat we indians also speak english as good as anyone around the world.r these USians under the perception tat india is somewhere in the wilderness of amazon forests and we still have sign language as the mode of communication?

Note: even though its irritating to see the bewilderment of Usians and the total negligence and prejudism they have abt Indians,on a personnal level, I enjoy the compliments i get regarding my language!(I always had a complex abt my english vocabulory).So each compliment i get is testimony of the improvement of my vocabulory skills and proof tat my conscious effort is paying off!


anything for cricket

A quick recap since my last posting:

* Repeated the surface tension experiment on ethoquad for the 4th time........showed the results to Manglik, he asked a few questions and i was at sea...... got the order to repeat it again (moral: Never $#!~ if u dont have enough toilet paper)........seems its gonna take me ages to complete it!
* Anand got a job in Chennai.....ABM AMRO (or some name of tat sort........whatever!).........glad tat lady luck has smiled,at last!
* Met old friend Edwin in orkut........was a sort of surprise.......long live Orkut!
* Atteneded the UC cricket team selection and was shortlisted!!!!!!!!!

Aur,aagay dhekhiye.............

About 20 of us where shortlisted for the UC cricket club.Though i performed pathetically in the practice match held in the soccor ground (gave away 14 runs in 1 over in a 16 over game) i was (for my own surprise) was retained in the list. When raghav received mailregaring the practice which i didnt, i presumed tat "jisse darr te the, wohi baath ho gayi"........but still i have the shamelessness to go to see how they practiced. Another surprise awaited me there when tejas asked me to join the fielding practice.then i came to know tat it was by some mistake tat i didnt get the mail.......a new aura of energy surrounded Aravind since then!........practice with stictch ball was new for me,though the wet ball really hurt my hands,i enjoyed it.........ANYTHING FOR CRICKET!
we where taken to crieckt ground abt 40 mins drive from UC...........and for the first time in my life i was playing with real cricketing apparals.........stitch ball,pads,gloves,AP, thigh pads,arm guard,helmet!.........a sort of childhood 'dream-come-true' for me.Thos ewho know me personnaly can understand how ecstatic i wud have been, coz even since a boy cricket has been a passion of me and playing with all the proper cricketing gears and playing a serious match for a team was my dreams. when i grew up,with maturity,i relaized tat playing for ateam may be out of question for me [donno y,where ever i go, i am always along with much superior cricketers than me :( ].so when chandan gave me the red ball........i was elated to another level of 'eternal bliss'.
As usual,started of with many full tosses and 'down the leg sides',soon i got the touch. I was much much better tha i thought i wud be!!!!.......hit the stumps 9 times all together (seems i was the one who bowled the batsmen the most no. of times tat day, thanks to swapnil and chandan, who made me look more venomous than i actually was!)......but my favorate was the one ball i bowled to pitched on the middle and left him,he almost went for the shot,then at lats moment realized tat it was too good a delivery to be hit.......(am not saying coz i bowled it),but it was "peach of a delivery"(credit to niranjan also, for being sensible enough not to attempt a shot!).
at the end of the day,a good days work (i am not mentioning anything abt my batting,coz, as expected(even by me),i struggled even with mild off spin of madhu and rahul.,but ..never mind........i never had the pretension tat i am great with the bat!
sprained my right knee after the match.....i am 2 days into the week and still having trouble straightening the leg........never mind........ANYTHING FOR CRICKET!
we have to pay $50 as membershif fee.......its a huge amount,but just the pleasure of being able to play in the ground the real cricket makes me forget abt the value of my hard earned money,(its worth my one whole days' work), all my stinginess and all my obligations......ANYTHING FOR CRICKET!
we have our next fielding practice on wednesday and ground practice n next! cant wait until friday evening to run on to the ground!!!!!..yeah i know a danger in the form of boiling waits me on friday itself...........but the sheer thought of cricket just erases every trace of studies from my mind...........ANYTHING FOR CRICKET!