lazy blogger

donno y, i am such a lazy blogger that always i need somebody's blogs to get inspired to write...........if my last blog was created after reading ashwin's blog,this time the ignitor is bhargavi's blog.......anyway as long as there are other bloggers around, i can hang around!well........i am into my 4th day of the spring break.Ah! just 5 for days to go before the battle resumes!(i hate schooling).my employer didnt give me 40 hrs during break"(in a way its good, sicne i find it tough to spend even 20 hrs there).I have an advise for all u employees.....when u whine abt long working hours, just remmebr that spneding long hours without doing anything is equally evening also planning to play cricket in sigma sigma commons for the 3rd day in a stretch.I am high in confidence after a good performance with the ball yesterday given that i was pathetic on the first day.had the wicket been half a foot more taller, then i wud have ended up with 3 wickets in my kitty.......never mind,sometimes near misses are as cherishable as comprehensive achievements.

(i felt that i need a pen name for my hereafter it will be AVS)

well, it cud have been worse

My present job gives me ample time to do anything except work! after doing crapy things like downloaoding wallpapers,ring tones, the Mr.Nice Guy in me asked me to do something worthwhile.It was around that time,that my wild explore of the net got me to read a lot of blogs -some by my friends,acquaintances,some by total strangers --after going thru them i felt "whats the heck?.....its so easy writting blogs.......even i can do it!.........y not?".i must have been mad to think so given that i was as poor a writer as a reader(only time i have written anything has beenfor the exams).Books and articles are my sedatives,they put me to sleep irrespective of the the fit of madness,i decided to enter the world of blogging and OMG i dint realize how tough it is writing something!!!!!!!! hands got frozen,mouth dried up (my limited vocabulary list got further abbrivated).......My inherent stage fear came up in new form as blog fear.It didnt seem like my cup of tea........but,since i am trying to change my outlook and attitude,i felt....." ok,i cudnt do anything abt my stage fear,lemme atleast overcome this fear! so summoned all my courage and power to write till this the next sentance. Now feeling a friend of mine had told me( which i find apt for me in all the circumstances)......." well, it cud have been worse!"