fall quarter

Ok, lemme come directly to the point - I fell down twice within a span of 15 mins last saturday- once on my back and next chest on - got a cut in between my right eyebroes and the eyelashes.

Initially i thought of blogging extensively about it-how severe hunger prompeted me to go to chipotle when there was warning about inclement weather and slit ice formation; how i fell first while getting down stairs near TUC and then insanely still carried on my trip only to fall chest on near CCM; blaming my stupidity on unconquerable hunger and thus earning the sympathy of readers etc
Then i realised that i was just one of the many who has brought down to earth on that eventful day - even an UCPD who came to help me fell on the way- (though i was the winner of falling competition,if there was any,with 2 falls and a cut ;) .My hope of earning some sympathy is thus eliminated even without consideration.So I stop.Period.

About the title of the blog, doesn't 'fall quarter' makes sense now?



R: This looks good
Me: Thank you
R:will sent this to J now itself
Me: Is this fine enough? Or should I modify this?
R: No need, this is fine.
Me: *grins*
R:This is really good.Infact, much much superior than what he has done
Me: *exagerrated grin*
R: *sighs* -(looking on the computer screen)-I donno what he has done here.Anyways, forget about his, yours is correct and i am going to sent yours
Me: (with mouth full of smile).........Thank you so much

I just love appreciations, call it a narcissistic graving for compliments ! *wink*


the feminine art

Disclaimer:The first paragraph of the follwing blog is entirely based on my personnal experience with my family and relatives.My remarks are solely targeted at them and not anyone else.

From today,i have a new found respesct for women. Coz I ventured into, for the first time in my life, the art (I will have to call it so from my experience today) which the womenhood have mastered over the years- the art of shopping.
I have always wondered what the big deal abt shopping. More than the count , its the time the fairer sex spent in chosing each item that has baffled me.
But today i had a first hand experience of the pain and trouble they undergo.I had to go on a shopping spree today.Given that there was less than a fortnight left before i left for india, it was already late to start. This being Thanksgiving weekend didnt make any difference to me......went only abt 5 in the evening to walmart. I had no idea what to buy and what not to. Though I had got a vague guideline from my amma (guideline what more to help me have a count of relatives I have and who all needed to be 'taken care of' rather than what all to buy for them).Walmart appeared to me a alltogether new place for me. All items unseen before.I strolled through each section,picking a lot ot clothings,watches,googles, shoes etc just to ditch most of them at some other section far away from theirs'.Suddenly I lost track of how big my 'little' cousins were, how far away my 'near by 'relatives were.........total blank.
How I wish my mother was here ! I cud have entrusted the whole task to her without even bothering to get out of my bed!
Without going much into the details of my endeavor, I ented up purchasing some stuffs which went much beyond my budget. When I look into my checklist, still many relatives uncovered,many items unchecked (reminds me of some movie going over budget!).
Given the small cold wars and politics b/w few of my relatives,I have to make sure that all are treated (or ignored) equally.Most of these relatives living in proximity makes my task critical.
I am known for my diplomacy in my family. This is yet another test for my 'skill'. Lemme see how I come out of it!



Given how much of a cricket fanatic i am, it was surprising to me how come i havent blogged anything about my favorate topic so far. So here you go....I dont have anything more or different from what many have commented before (and still doing),neverthless here is my take:

Amist total confusions and speculations, ganguly has been selected in the indian test team.Having followed the developments and turnaround of events very closely since the controversial press meet by gaguly, i am not surprised.Though i am not a fan of ganguly,it was almost certain to me that he wouold make it into the indian test team(he had a centur in the last test he played). But what dissapointed me is the very process of selection.The selction committe meeting was preponed by a week so that they could announce that ganguly is there in th team right before the cricket match in culcutta so as to avoid any unfortunate incidents.There is a fine line b/w being a cricket fanatic and a cricket lunatic.This act of haste by the selectors is like surrundering to the whims of some crazy people.I feel this doesnt augers well for the indian cricket.Ganguly is(may be was) a good player,but no longer he is. If one is gonna select a player based on his past achievements and glories,then we should be bringing greats like Kapil, Gavaskar etc back in the team.Whatever has happened now is not gonna do any good for youngsters like yuvraj,kaif etc.Forget about them, this is not gonna help even ganguly.The most successful captain of the indian cricket team has been reduced to a pone which people from certain part of the country is trying to use to claim their strong hold in the indian cricket board.Quite unfortunate given how much this player has done for the betterment of the team.The comment by the head of the selection committee that his selection was done ahead of a fast bowler itself goes to show that it was more of an an act of precaution than consensus.Ganguly may not be good enough to don indian colors any longer;but he deserves better treatment.


25 and still going

Had my 25th birthday yesterday. everything for the first time in ur life will be cherished more than the subsequent ones. in that respect i enjoyed this birthday of mine, for, the first time in my life, i had a birthday cake!though i am not that concerned or particular abt such corny traditions, i enjoyed hogging the limelight for a day. (may be back in my mind, i might have wished for such things when i was a kid). thats the only positive i can figure out from my quarter century birth anniversery-a childhood dream of mine realised!otherwise, the very thought of 25 years freaks me out. there is no diff. b/w 19th and 20th nov. but, still,it just freaks me out without any reason!
thank god i dont look my age !!! (i have some paid friends to attest it ;)


we had the much delayed deepotsav this saturday(i heard few remark that the next diwali is much closer now that the gone one, which i would not object). again i was the DJ (i donned the same role for vasanthotsav also).programs went of pretty well,it cud have been done better, then again, as someone once told me, it cud have been worse too.no regrets.


oct. 2nd

Today, he was cleaned from head to toe and was garlanded for the first time since last Jan 30th. Patriotic songs reverberated all around. Long lectures were given about his services and sacrifices for the nation. From next day, the crow and pegion droppings were back all over him.........till the next Jan 30th.

30 years up the line

2 days back he was made the GM of the company
4 years back he won the patent for a path breaking invention in the field of Biomechanics
6 years back he had a baby boy
8 years bach he got married to Elizabeth
10 years back he met a girl named Beth in a college where he was giving a lecture
12 years back he resigned from MICRON due to ideology conflicts and joined NANS
14 years back he graduated with gold medal
16 years back he was presented with a customised automated vehicle for his conveyance by the Dean of the college
18 years back only Mahatma Institute of Technology came forward to offer him a seat for BE
20 years back he won the judicial case for admit in regular colleges
22 years back he was discharged from hospital
24 years back he spoke with vocal aid
26 years back he woke up from comatose
28 years back he was paralised from neck to down after a fatal road mishap where he lost his family
30 years back he was just another high school graduate

zindagi ke safar

"Let's just be friends".
Her words entered through my ears went all the way down to my heart, impersonated as a double edged dagger and cut my heart into two. My precious 3 years in college was wasted for her. Inumerable phone calls, greeting cards, flowers, gifts.........all in vain.Life no longer meant anything to me.Just as when I was about to empty a bottle of sleeping pills , the phone rang.
"Hey yaar, did you see that new junior in our college. She is damn hot, dude!!!"
Lets give life another chance, isnt it?

the resumption

After a lay off of over 3 months, the classes are about to resume. Days of hibernation and long sleeps now to be replaced by days and nights of toiling and night outs.
When I look back I am quite happy that I spent the summer break exactly the way I wanted- doing nothing worth mentioning or recollecting-lots of movies, lots of food, lots of sleep. Just the way I had perceived.
I am eagerly looking forward to this quarter, especially the exam week.........tats when I will be flying back to India!! wow! exam week has never been so exciting !!
I have one more course to complete my requirements.A final minute intervention by my advisor has made me rethink the course to take.
Now, I need to brush up my books, calcy etc.Might have to visit that sacred room which I have been avoiding for quite sometime now- the library.
Yet another fall quarter, yet another beginning. Hope I will be able to scramble through this quarter too.

Om Sahana Vavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu
Sahaveeryam Karavavahai
Tejas Vinavati Tamastuma vidhwishavahai
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi


love ke liye saala kuch be karega

News can be baffling or indigestable at times;but not as outrageous as this one. Can't envision to what extend people go to get their love!

tiny tale

We were the ideal couple in that village.Our life had redefined the term succes for the people of the village. We never had any fights, no quarrels..not even an animated conversation.Even the most envious of our neighbours couldnt spot even a spark of disagreement from our house."Couples should be like this","They are the best couple in the world " went the remarks of the people.All looked upto us with awe and respect. Our 2 bedroom apartment was the centre of attaraction in the whole village. Surprising no one knew that we slept in differnt rooms.



What is 6'1" tall, 189 lbs, walks on 2 feet and is dumb enough to get into troubles which are not even remotely related to him
Aravind Subramani

personal record

I created a personnal recored. Had a tele conversation for contineous 4 hrs. 11.30 pm to 3.30 am!
Way to go Aravind!


moved out

I moved out. Exactly one year-365 days-later I moved to a new apartment......again!The whole of last weekend was lost moving out stuffs from old apartment and dumbing them in the new place. Now a kind of nostagia is creeping in me.Its been a year full of experiences: good, bad and ugly; lots of happiness, some disappointments, achievements, failures etc.More than anything else, I learned to live alone! be on my own. Learned what lif can be like in a foreign land.Learned how to cook (and still carrying it out with a good success rate). If i am asked to recollect any year of my life, this year would be there in my shortlist!
New place.....its been just 3 days there ,may be thats y i am not feeling that apnapan.Good job by my roomies, house looks stylish and tidy.lets see how long (or should i say, how short?) it stays this way. With about 8 'temps' roaming in the house 24x7, i 'm doubtful about the longevity! (as if it would be all great without them! But i love to find excuses, isnt that fun?) But I havent found a place for my personnal stuffs.........may be a work for the next weekend!
A new beginning - new partners, new expenses, new compromises.Hope this year is also gonna be as good as my first year in cincinnati!
New Address:
Aravind Subramani
3138 Bishop Street, Apt #2
Cincinnati, OH 45220

song of the day

Every day morning I wake up with a song playing in my mind. And the whole day I would be humming it or it would be playing on an endless loop in my head.

Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Guzar Jaate Hain Jo Makaam
Vo Phir Nahin Aate, Vo Phir Nahin Aate
Phool Khilte Hain, Log Milte Hain
Phool Khilte Hain, Log Milte Hain Magar
Patjhad Mein Jo Phool Murjha Jaate Hain
Vo Baharon Ke Aane Se Khilte Nahin
Kuchh Log Ik Roz Jo Bichhad Jaate Hain
Vo Hazaron Ke Aane Se Milte Nahin
Umra Bhar Chahe Koi Pukaara Kare Unka Naam
Vo Phir Nahin Aate, Vo Phir Nahin Aate
Zindagi Ke Safar Mein...
Aankh Dhokha Hai, Kya Bharosa Hai
Aankh Dhokha Hai, Kya Bharosa Hai Suno
Doston Shaq Dosti Ka Dushman Hai
Apne Dil Mein Ise Ghar Banane Na Do
Kal Tadapna Pade Yaad Mein Jinki
Rok Lo Rooth Kar Unko Jaane Na Do
Baad Mein Pyaar Ke Chahe Bhejo Hazaron Salaam
Vo Phir Nahin Aate, Vo Phir Nahin Aate
Zindagi Ke Safar Mein...
Subah Aati Hai, Shaam Jaati Hai
Subah Aati Hai, Shaam Jaati Hai Yunhi
Vaqt Chalta Hi Rehta Hai Rukta Nahin
Ek Pal Mein Ye Aage Nikal Jaata Hai
Aadmi Theek Se Dekh Paata Nahin
Aur Pardey Pe Manzar Badal Jaata Hai
Ek Baar Chale Jaate Hain Jo Din-Raat Subah-O-Shaam
Vo Phir Nahin Aate, Vo Phir Nahin Aate
Zindagi Ke Safar Mein..

This is the one which was 'on air' in my head today.Interestingly this is the most recurred song. Infact this is the one which comes to my mind first when i think of my favorate songs.What appealed to me most abt this song is the lyrics........very meaningful lines and (on a philosophical note) quite relevent to the society and people as a whole.
More revelent for me today coz I realised the value of time and the real implications of the lines today! "Vaqt Chalta Hi Rehta Hai Rukta Nahin"............learned it the hard way today!


so are they named

Interesting piece of news.When i read the heading I thought it was yet another case of faulty voter's list.Being an ardent cricket fan myself, I cannot say whether I wont be doing something like this........but i can assure I wont take the names like this! may be sourav,rahul,sachin...............sounds better,doesnt it!

i lost

I was very proud of it. But i lost it.All my friends envied me for this.I lost it.I have aloways boasted about it.But, now have i lost it. I have been stripped of my pride, my......my precious! .I have changed. My outlook has changed.I am no longer the original ME. I am dependent now.I am lost.I am dejected.
I have been deprived of it
(i know i am making a heavy weather out of it and going a bit over the top.......i valued it that much!)


this day last year

This day. 16th of aug. exacty one year since i landed in US. In this nation of million dreams and hopes. Aug. 15th was independence day for both of us: India and me. 58th for her and 1st for me.This day last year is quite vivid in my mind.In my heart, in my soul. Sun TV was telecasting PKS and i was all set to see it atleast then.Since i was done with all my 'adieus' and had received all my 'bon voyages' i was expecting a quiet departure from india. But it was not to be. I had chosen the wrong day to see PKS.My anna and manni and pattimars where right there in my house in the morning. I was quite happy to see them having know how rarely they used to get out of the house.Another surprise followed when BM came around lunch time.It is more significant given that he was visiting our house for the first time.I was really happy.PKS was totally out of my mind by them.I am not a emotional or sentimental person. I believe in the silent expressions of compassion or care or love or u-name-it.But it was hard for me to keep my composure when N came al the way from kalady to present me a t-shirt. The day i thought would pass like a whisker was never ending,and u bet i loved every moment of it.All i can remember after that day is today. when i write this first year anniversery remark.I dont know how well i would remember any other day in my life. But i bet 15th aug. 2004 is there to stay alive for some while from now.
While on 15th aug.............as i was going on with my swatantradinaashamsakal to all i started feeling guilty. the thought of what have i done for my country creeped up in my mind? I would like to think aloud here: really..........what have i done for my country? have i done anything? could i have done anything? or what all could i have done? I have no answer! Feeling quite low. More than not doing anything for india, its the feeling of this thought coming only now hurts me more (tat shows i was negligent about my country when i was there) The only excuse (lame, it may be) i could come up with is : well, i havent done anything particularly good for the country.But again, i havent done any harm too! seems for the time being this is good enough reason to satiate the guitl in me.

quite a weekend

A pretty better weekend went by.C and P flew down here from utah.And thankfully i got a chance to go out of cincinnati(quite an accomplishment given my laziness and my love for being static).Had a fun 2 days. Went to dayton air firce museum.A funtabulous place to go.Saw an Imax movie there about a space lab being erected.Just got a bity philosophical and inferior thinking how much the world has advanced and i am still grumble for trivial things.Also changed my ultimate fantacy : from earning salary without working to living in space-floating around in zero g..........weightless,egoless(see, became a bit more sensible and realistic! this one is atleast possible,if not for me!)
And surpirse!!!!!!!!!!!!( well, not for anyone else,but me!) decided to go to india in dec.!It was just a matter of one day.Gave C and P long lecture y i wont be going to india and what i am planning to instead in dec. And all and made them convince that its not all that bad not going to india . And the very next day called them up to say i blocked ticket to india.Uh! many a times i am an enigma to myself.....quite an incomprehensible being! As i have told before, i am highly whimsical! Anyways, people here were more surprised when i said initially that i am not going to india.Difference in perspections and priorities u c!


what happens when u rent a car,with ur friends,over the weekend for driving practice?
what happens when u skip a whole day's practice hoping to make it up the next day?
what happens when 5 mins into ur driving,u bang the car against a wooden fence?
what happens if u jam the door and screw up the practice of others?
............u get a new nick...........'screw' driver !!

a quirky thought

One doesn't live to die. You live to live. You don't look forward to the day u die.You know how much time you have spent;but not sure how much more.You know how much of the available quota has been exhausted.So, isn't it more appropriate to say that I have died 24 yrs of my life rather than I have lived 24 yrs of my life ?


a confession

I wish life had a rewind button
To correct the mistakes already done
To repent for the faults commited
To pacify those who were affected
I wish I hadn't suspected
When I missed the expected
I wish I hadnt ruined her image
An act of outrage, even at that age
I wish I hadn't let the pet
When it was for me to get
I wish I had paid a visit
When all I did was idly sit
I wish I hadnt dragged the stool
Gosh! I was quite a fool
I wish I hadn't thrown the slate
It missed her; thank my good fate!
I wish I had had the food
I was quite a crapy dude!
I wish life had a rewind button
To feel myself a better person


top 5 hindi movies

I am a movie buff. Not many movies in hindi, malayalam, tamil and english can claim to have left the theatre without receiving a mentioning from me. I though I watch all sort of movies (many a times, just for the heck of watching!) I have a proclivity for good, meaningful, offbeat............or in one word ......hatke movies. I am starting a series listing my all time favorate 5 movies from each language (though i have mentioned it a series, I don’t guarantee when the next segment will be posted).In this edition I am listing my favorite hindi films of all time.

5 all time favorite hindi films (need not be in the given order):

Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Cast : Amol Palekar, Utpal Dutt etc

An evergreen comedy. Saw the best of performance from Amol Palekar and Utpal Dutt. Even after having watched it for like 5 times, I can still see this film even without an iota of boredom. An example of how to make an unadulterated, clean comedy film. Amol Palekar was might have got typecasted after this film. My favorite character in the movie was Laxman Prasad Sharma aka Lucky. A movie which showed how a good comedy can be made without going over the top.

Director: Ashatosh Gowarikar
Cast : Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh etc

Should I say anything about this movie? An international stuff! This movie blended two of my (in tat case, almost 90% of indians’) passion –cricket and movie. Kudos to Aamir and Ashatosh for showing the guts to make a movie like this. This movie is so etched that I can play as many re-runs as I want in my mind.

Director: J.P. Dutta
Cast : Sunny Deol, Akshay Khanna, Sunil Shetty etc

One of the best war films ever made in India. I just love this movie and wont mind seeing it for the 11th time! It may not have been the most authentic of movies, but for the shear patriotism and the performance it showcased, it remains my favorite. The acting of Akshay Khanna and Sunil Shetty was a revelation. Sandese aate hai…………is my favorite song till date (it has a nostalgic feel to him which has been accentuated after coming to US, a same feel as I have for chitti aayi hai……). This movie leaves a small burn in my heart every time I see it. I was so moved by this movie that I mentioned it as the inspiration for wanting to join army during my interview for army recruitment ( gosh…..how insane I would have been to say so? “Stupidty, thy name is Aravind”)

Director: Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Cast : Rajesh Khanna, Amithab Bachchan etc
An all time classic. No wonder seeing who the director was! It is the only film in which I liked Rajesh Khanna. This film showed how to present a tragic story without being melodramatic. The most wonderful of songs just added to the glory of this film. With the minimum of cast, this movie just conveyed the biggest of messages- live your life!

Director: Gulzar
Cast : Kishore Kumar, Jaya Bachchan etc

A beautifully narrated tale of a mute and deaf couple. Wonderfully portrayed by Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bachchan. This is one movie which I would not want to see many time! First movie which affected me emotionally. It showed that language or dialogues are not always a must to convey an emotion or message.

Also, I would like to mention the names of few more films like Dil Chahta Hai, Munnabhai MBBS, Black, almost all RGV movies etc. There are some more movies which I have liked, when I think of my fav. , these r the ones which comes to my mind first.

You would have noticed tat my list is dominated by old movies. Yeah, so what!
I won’t mind even if u call me ‘generation W living in generation Z’ (which, infact, a friend of mine had exclaimed!)



I tend to spent a hell lot of times to decide upon something and on some instances i just become impulsive.True of a real scorpio,I can say i tend to be ( to my own astonishment) whimsical at times .It took me 2 weeks and opinion of a dozen to decide NOT to buy an mp3 player. but it too me just 2 days to decide to appear for GRE. This intro. was meant just as a self-justification for buying a tennis racket.yeah ,i got one for myself!!well,my family and close friends wud be as surprised as me to hear this (i am proudly ashamed to say tat i am one of the best kanjapisinari u can come across.Given tat, me spending money on something which i havent ,ever, even touched before is quite unlikely of me.I have always wanted to play tennis (tats the only sport i knw well after my first love -cricket) but never got a chance to play when in india. even after landing in US, i cudnt play as i cudnt find an opponent of my 'calibre' .......all those who played were pretty decent in it....i was the only 'tennis virgin' around.so, when S told he had not played tennis and is planning to buy a racket,i didnt even care to think.......immediately left with him and ended up buying one! it was just a matter of 2 minutes to decide!now, i have one,i am excited ..........have to play whenever possible.........i know this fancy may not last long,but as long as it lasts,i wanna do it!


choti si kahani

"Alliance invited from parents of well mannered,good looking,god fearing,modern yet traditional and homely girl.Should be atleast 5'6" and not more than 5'11",should have a permanent job and should be willing to relocate".This was his parents' demand. He ended up marrying 3 girls........ couldn't find all these in one!


live ur lives

this article made me think a bit too much than what i wud have preferred.
i have believed tat, howmuchever (is there such a word?.....who cares!) advancement humans makes in closer to god, he will always fall short when it comes to creating life (or rather, recreating life). seems, i have been proven wrong!.....hope people wont take life easily coz of this. "you live ur live once" will no longer hold true!


one more reason

This article demands my reaction.
being a sensible cricket fanatic i have always admired good cricketers irrespective of their nationality except one: javad miandad. of all the crickets on present and past i dont think there is any other cricketer whom i hate as much as him.
He has always been a pain in the @$$ for the indian team, and tats another factor for me hating even though he has achieved a lot on field.
the very mention of tat name brings up not-so-font memories---smashing chetan sharma for a last ball six in sharjah,mocking kiren more during 1992 world cup etc(may since i happened to see them during my nascent stages of my 'cricketing' life, it doest easy get away from my memory)
and here is yet another reason for me to hate this %$%$^*&
i have been told tat when u dislike someone, u will find only faults with whatever he/she does......but in his case,i think the question or like or dislike is irrelevent..........th***** is always a th*****


a crappy son

a follow up to my last blog: btw, my parents wedding day was infact last sunday, 19th of june. it fell on the same day as fathers day. as i expected....didnt call home tat day (made my weekly call on saturdayand knew from maniappa that its on the next day). since my image is not tt of someone who cares/expresses a LOT abt family relations, dint bother to make the call ( what a crap of a son i am!)....btw, shud thses things be expressed? shudnt it be just understood?
anyways.......hope tat these blogs will remind such occations hereafter!
got my first reader of blogs today........may be i shud be cautious hereafter opening up 'mera mann'.........tat forces me not to be self indulgent hereafter while blogging...hhmm.....lets see, hw the ship sails from here (just wanted to use some expression.........am notorious for coining such thinks,u see!)


mein aisa kyon hoon

yesterday was a pretty good day for me.got citi credit card and temporory driver's license (and an AMEX card is on its way). yeah i know these r highly trivial,but what to do.....there r few pity details or achievements which i remember than much more imp. things i forget..........i know the date i had my visa interview,but i donno the date of birth of my parents; i know when i gave my GRE,but donno when my parent's wedding day is; i knw the details of any cricket match,but donno the details of the answers i screwed up in exams.
many atimes i wonder mein aisa kyon hoon?........cudnt find a reasonable answer......may be...as ajay devgan says ina movie -- aisa hi hoon mein.


disappointing day

Last friday one one of th most disappointing and dipressing day in my life.Other than the personnal problem i had (which is so outrageous and atrocious tat i dont want to type even a word abt it!), 4 people including me were not taken for the cricket practice. It wasnt tat bad but people who came after us wher taken and the attitute of the "new captain" (i have my reservations abt him being the captain) tat hurt me. anyways........wat was heartening to see what there r sensible people in the team who can sort out whatever sparks are there within the team.hope anything like this doesnt happen here after! (i am eagerly awaiting the practice on wednesday to see whats the treatment i am gonna get!)


blog by a fanatic

i read this news couple of days back.it reminded me of one story in mahabharatha....Haven't we suffered enough from the hands of them,tat we need to further 'help' ourself ? (Pls pardon me if i sound jingoistic, its the indian cricket fanatic in me who made me post this blog!)


new words

Came across an article tat abt 1500 new english words have been added in the collins dictionary.Seeing the sources of few of the words,i feel, may be its not a bad idea to recommend the words coined by me like rubbishest and padichukazhinjusis onnum illosis. I feel they have a good change of being accepted ;-)


7th June

7th June- I remember this day very well..today is the first aaniversery of my visa interview. exactly one year back,on this very same day I cleared ,what i suppose, the first major interview i managed to get through.For others it may not sound special,but for one who has a poor history when it comes to doing well in competitive exams and interviews,it is quite an achievement.
The day is very well itched in my memory.........my usual tension before the interview;usual final minute unwanted anxiety regarding the wringled shirt;rushing all round maidpakkam(where i stayed) in search of an 'iron' man etc etc.well,again nothing unusal about it for those who know me and have seen me freak out before exams.
so.......want to celebrate this day? how? i donno......may be eat from pizzahut and wendy's and subway?.......lets see!


one for the heck of it

nothing on top of my head to blog abt........buti wanted to write something.
may be i can catogorize this blog as "one for the heck of it"..........i have one topic to write abt-the movie i saw last day..........but back to back blogs abt movie will make my blog rather hackneyed(so refraining from tat).well......on second thought its not tat tough to write something without having much substance in it .well.......nothing new for me coz i have been doing tat in all the essays and assignments i have done in my Btech,and i can confidently say tat i am pretty good in beating around the bush without ever entering the bush of even going near it.(a gold medal for 2nd rank in the univ. is the testimony for my excellence in the above mentioned field). even as i type these words i am totally blank abt what my next sentence is gonna be.may be tats the beauty of writing abt nothing........may be i realized tat enough of craps.one thing is for sure........."there is something abt nothing"


i know what i did last week

last week i was at my laziest and jovial best.i gave up the hope of scoring good grades this quarter (with our boiling course totally and completely screwed up). didnt do anything productive last week...except play cricket!.........oh! yeah also managed to finish off the 'ethoquad experiment after 5 previous furtile attemps.ofcourse i had the help of sandeep.i realized tat too much honesty is not encouraged at masters level-result: i cud finish the work(not a matter of great joy,coz same stuff for another 2 surfactants coming up!)

also managed to see 3 movies in 2 days over the weekend-3 totally diff. films in diff languages: kazhcha(malayalam),mitr-my friend(tamil) and kaal(hindi).

kazhcha was a really good film......nice to see directors coming up with good films even now though sporadically..........fro the feed back i got from anand n others,i thought mamootty wud give AB a good compentition for the best actor national award.......but i was wrong.........AB surpassed mamooty by a long way with his once in a life time performance in BLACK!
mitr disappointed me.......i had great expectations from it given tat shobana won national award for it..........but it didnt appeal to me as much as i thought it wud!
kaal.......SRK,karan johar..big names involved..........but again it disappointed me............an amateurish work from the new director.........i mean the screenplay was very childish and the climax was ridiculous!...........i found it similar to malayalam flick aparichitan (which again,wasnt a great affair)

again missed out from the cricket team for the second practice match........chandan promised to play me in the next game...........so has to srt out my shortcomngs on friday practice session........i cannot take any more belting in big match!


for the zillionth time

boy!..........the other day,for the zillionth time, i was said how come me from india speak such good english.......HUh!!!....comon,gimme a break!

Mr.USian : r u from india?
Me : yes
Mr.USian : how long have u been in US for?
Me : 8 months
Mr. USian: u speak good english!
Me : (Oh! pls not again) Thank You!

Oh! god! who the hell with let this @$$****$ know tat we indians also speak english as good as anyone around the world.r these USians under the perception tat india is somewhere in the wilderness of amazon forests and we still have sign language as the mode of communication?

Note: even though its irritating to see the bewilderment of Usians and the total negligence and prejudism they have abt Indians,on a personnal level, I enjoy the compliments i get regarding my language!(I always had a complex abt my english vocabulory).So each compliment i get is testimony of the improvement of my vocabulory skills and proof tat my conscious effort is paying off!


anything for cricket

A quick recap since my last posting:

* Repeated the surface tension experiment on ethoquad for the 4th time........showed the results to Manglik, he asked a few questions and i was at sea...... got the order to repeat it again (moral: Never $#!~ if u dont have enough toilet paper)........seems its gonna take me ages to complete it!
* Anand got a job in Chennai.....ABM AMRO (or some name of tat sort........whatever!).........glad tat lady luck has smiled,at last!
* Met old friend Edwin in orkut........was a sort of surprise.......long live Orkut!
* Atteneded the UC cricket team selection and was shortlisted!!!!!!!!!

Aur,aagay dhekhiye.............

About 20 of us where shortlisted for the UC cricket club.Though i performed pathetically in the practice match held in the soccor ground (gave away 14 runs in 1 over in a 16 over game) i was (for my own surprise) was retained in the list. When raghav received mailregaring the practice which i didnt, i presumed tat "jisse darr te the, wohi baath ho gayi"........but still i have the shamelessness to go to see how they practiced. Another surprise awaited me there when tejas asked me to join the fielding practice.then i came to know tat it was by some mistake tat i didnt get the mail.......a new aura of energy surrounded Aravind since then!........practice with stictch ball was new for me,though the wet ball really hurt my hands,i enjoyed it.........ANYTHING FOR CRICKET!
we where taken to crieckt ground abt 40 mins drive from UC...........and for the first time in my life i was playing with real cricketing apparals.........stitch ball,pads,gloves,AP, thigh pads,arm guard,helmet etc......wow!.........a sort of childhood 'dream-come-true' for me.Thos ewho know me personnaly can understand how ecstatic i wud have been, coz even since a boy cricket has been a passion of me and playing with all the proper cricketing gears and playing a serious match for a team was my dreams. when i grew up,with maturity,i relaized tat playing for ateam may be out of question for me [donno y,where ever i go, i am always along with much superior cricketers than me :( ].so when chandan gave me the red ball........i was elated to another level of 'eternal bliss'.
As usual,started of with many full tosses and 'down the leg sides',soon i got the touch. I was much much better tha i thought i wud be!!!!.......hit the stumps 9 times all together (seems i was the one who bowled the batsmen the most no. of times tat day, thanks to swapnil and chandan, who made me look more venomous than i actually was!)......but my favorate was the one ball i bowled to niranjan.......it pitched on the middle and left him,he almost went for the shot,then at lats moment realized tat it was too good a delivery to be hit.......(am not saying coz i bowled it),but it was "peach of a delivery"(credit to niranjan also, for being sensible enough not to attempt a shot!).
at the end of the day,a good days work (i am not mentioning anything abt my batting,coz, as expected(even by me),i struggled even with mild off spin of madhu and rahul.,but ..never mind........i never had the pretension tat i am great with the bat!
sprained my right knee after the match.....i am 2 days into the week and still having trouble straightening the leg........never mind........ANYTHING FOR CRICKET!
we have to pay $50 as membershif fee.......its a huge amount,but just the pleasure of being able to play in the ground the real cricket makes me forget abt the value of my hard earned money,(its worth my one whole days' work), all my stinginess and all my obligations......ANYTHING FOR CRICKET!
we have our next fielding practice on wednesday and ground practice n next friday......man! cant wait until friday evening to run on to the ground!!!!!..yeah i know a danger in the form of boiling waits me on friday itself...........but the sheer thought of cricket just erases every trace of studies from my mind...........ANYTHING FOR CRICKET!


lazy blogger

donno y, i am such a lazy blogger that always i need somebody's blogs to get inspired to write...........if my last blog was created after reading ashwin's blog,this time the ignitor is bhargavi's blog.......anyway as long as there are other bloggers around, i can hang around!well........i am into my 4th day of the spring break.Ah! just 5 for days to go before the battle resumes!(i hate schooling).my employer didnt give me 40 hrs during break"(in a way its good, sicne i find it tough to spend even 20 hrs there).I have an advise for all u employees.....when u whine abt long working hours, just remmebr that spneding long hours without doing anything is equally difficult.today evening also planning to play cricket in sigma sigma commons for the 3rd day in a stretch.I am high in confidence after a good performance with the ball yesterday given that i was pathetic on the first day.had the wicket been half a foot more taller, then i wud have ended up with 3 wickets in my kitty.......never mind,sometimes near misses are as cherishable as comprehensive achievements.

(i felt that i need a pen name for my blogs.......so hereafter it will be AVS)

well, it cud have been worse

My present job gives me ample time to do anything except work! after doing crapy things like downloaoding wallpapers,ring tones, the Mr.Nice Guy in me asked me to do something worthwhile.It was around that time,that my wild explore of the net got me here.got to read a lot of blogs -some by my friends,acquaintances,some by total strangers --after going thru them i felt "whats the heck?.....its so easy writting blogs.......even i can do it!.........y not?".i must have been mad to think so given that i was as poor a writer as a reader(only time i have written anything has beenfor the exams).Books and articles are my sedatives,they put me to sleep irrespective of the genre.so.......in the fit of madness,i decided to enter the world of blogging and OMG i dint realize how tough it is writing something!!!!!!!!boy-o-boy.......my hands got frozen,mouth dried up (my limited vocabulary list got further abbrivated).......My inherent stage fear came up in new form as blog fear.It didnt seem like my cup of tea........but,since i am trying to change my outlook and attitude,i felt....." ok,i cudnt do anything abt my stage fear,lemme atleast overcome this fear! so summoned all my courage and power to write till this the next sentance. Now feeling better........as a friend of mine had told me( which i find apt for me in all the circumstances)......." well, it cud have been worse!"